Upcoming Events Winter-Spring 2017



We are quite excited about all the upcoming events we will be hosting through the Winter and into Spring 2017.  Please scroll down for additional information for our upcoming workshops.

January 7, 2017 || 10:45 AM-12:30 PM

Camphill: A Talk with Kathryn Rycroft 

Kathyrn will share with us her experiences of Camphill programs world-wide as well as a program in which she is currently involved in Santa Cruz, California.

k_rycrottKathryn was born in Forest Row, England, and attended Michael Hall Rudolf Steiner School from kindergarten through high school. She studied drama and singing at Italia Conti Stage School in London and Sociology at West Kent College. She also trained in Residential Child Care through an in-service program with the London Borough of Tower Hamlets working with children in care of the authorities

Kathryn first experienced Camphill in Wales, at Coleg Elydir, and later completed the three-year Social Therapy Program in Copake, New York, after immigrating to the United States. She attended the Foundation Year Program in Anthroposophical Studies at Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, CA and has been a member of the society since 1985. Kathryn joined Camphill Communities California in 2006, and runs a life-sharing home, in addition to being a core faculty member of the Social Therapy Program.

Cost: suggested donation $20-25 || To register: Click here.

Questions:  call/text/email || Parvati Scatena || outreachsd@waldorfteaching.org || 916.524.1828

January 14, 2017 || 8:15 AM-5:15 PM

Spirit and Revolution: Threefold Nature of Social Life–Culture, Community, Economy with Abraham Entin

This workshop will explore the spiritual nature of the human being, the evolution of consciousness, and the effect of Spirit on matter.  There will be discourse on aspects of the Threefold Social Order including historical leadership as well as the hierarchical nature of leadership along with the disease of the social order itself.  Furthermore the social transformation from the French Revolution and beyond, will be discussed. Finally, we will look at ways to build allies and work together in order to overcome the empire.

abraham_entinAbraham Entin is a long-time social activist and member of the Anthroposophical Society. Recently he has been teaching “Spirit and Revolution” on Rudolf Steiner’s social thought, a six week course at a local community center north of San Francisco.  In conjunction with this course he was interviewed by The Metta Center for Non-violence on their bi-monthly radio program.

Cost: $95 || To register: Click Here.

  • Branch Members attend for a donation of $20-25.
  • Discounts for three or more from one school site and WISC alumni available–please inquire
Questions:  call/text/email || Parvati Scatena || outreachsd@waldorfteaching.org || 916.524.1828

February 11th 8:30-5:15 and February 12th 8:30-3:15

3rd Annual Medical Conference

Integrative Assessment in Learning and Child-Development with Susan R. Johnson, MD, FAAP



This two-day workshop will provide an in-depth look at the way in which a child senses and relates to his or her own body, through the experience of touch, balance, movement, as well as a general sense of well-being. Dr. Johnson will provide a deeper holistic understanding of the imbalances that stand behind many of the diagnostic labels given to children today (such as ADD, autistic spectrum disorders and dyslexia) and discuss methods for assessing whether children are phonetically reading. There will also be an exploration of how these foundational senses are related to the development of learning and thinking in the older child and how they are needed for the continued development of the higher intellectual and moral capacities in adulthood.

susanrjohnsonDr. Johnson is a behavioral and developmental pediatrician. After completing a three-year residency and a three-year fellowship in behavioral and developmental pediatrics she worked for seven years as the physician director for the School Health Center in San Francisco. After the birth of her son, she was introduced to Waldorf Education and became a Certified Waldorf Teacher. She spent an additional year of training in the Extra Lesson/Sensory Integration Program at Rudolf Steiner College with Ingun Schneider. She also attended a special training course in Anthroposophically-extended Medicine at the Lukas Clinic in Arlesheim, Switzerland. Dr. Johnson makes visits to Waldorf Schools and has a private practice in Colfax, CA.

Two-day workshop cost: $150.00 || To register: Click Here.

  • Saturday Only: $95.00 || Sunday Only: $65.00|| Therapeutic Wrap Session: $20
  • Discounts for three or more from one school site and WISC alumni available–please inquire
Questions:  call/text/email || Parvati Scatena || outreachsd@waldorfteaching.org || 916.524.1828

March 18, 2017 || 8:30-5:15

Astronomy with Brian Gray

briangrayBrian Gray teaches and lectures on anthroposophical topics for Rudolf Steiner College programs. A teacher at RSC since 1981, Brian has helped to lead tours through Europe and Egypt, exploring sacred architecture.

His research includes the realms of Star Wisdom, Cosmology, Sacred Architecture and Esoteric Christianity. Brian earned a B.A. in Architecture from Georgia Institute of Technology, 1967; an M.L.Arch. (Landscape Architecture) from University of Pennsylvania, 1972; and a certificate in Waldorf Teacher Education from Rudolf Steiner College, 1981. Brian entered RSC’s Foundation Year in 1979, taught by René Querido. From 1991 – 1998 and from 2006 to the present, Brian has served as Director of the Foundation Program.

Cost: $95 || To register: 

Questions:  call/text/email || Parvati Scatena || outreachsd@waldorfteaching.org || 916.524.1828

April 22, 2017 || 8:30-5:15

The Young Child Birth to 3 and the Parent/Child Class with Kim Raymond

Details to come…but save the date!

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