March 18, 2017 Astronomy

The Stars and the Human Being – Earthly and Cosmic Viewpoints

March 18, 2017, 8:30 AM to 9:00 PM with Brian Gray

Astronomy, Astrology, and Astrosophy can be compared with mysteries of the human body, soul, and spirit. How was our solar system formed by the spiritual beings over vast periods? How do the constellations and planets correspond to the sevenfold nature of the human being, stages of human consciousness and biographical phases of human life? We will learn how our present solar system bears the direct imprint of Ancient Saturn, Ancient Sun, and Ancient Moon conditions, and consider future stages of human/cosmic evolution. Each student will present class notes as artistic representation of her/his understanding of the topics presented.

Workshop Cost: $95.00 

  • Discounts for three or more from one school site and WISC alumni available–please inquire
  • To enroll–email or call 916-524-1828

briangrayBrian Gray teaches and lectures on anthroposophical topics for Rudolf Steiner College programs. A teacher at RSC since 1981, Brian has helped to lead tours through Europe and Egypt, exploring sacred architecture.

His research includes the realms of Star Wisdom, Cosmology, Sacred Architecture and Esoteric Christianity. Brian earned a B.A. in Architecture from Georgia Institute of Technology, 1967; an M.L.Arch. (Landscape Architecture) from University of Pennsylvania, 1972; and a certificate in Waldorf Teacher Education from Rudolf Steiner College, 1981. Brian entered RSC’s Foundation Year in 1979, taught by René Querido. From 1991 – 1998 and from 2006 to the present, Brian has served as Director of the Foundation Program.

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