April 22, 2017 Early Childhood Workshop

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An Early Childhood Workshop for Teachers, Assistants and Home Care providers


Flexibility in working with Parents and Colleagues 

with Katherine Giglio, EC educator at Waldorf School of San Diego

8:30 AM-12:25 PM

Most teachers spend great efforts and time learning about child developmental stages, preparing a nurturing environment, and planning age appropriate activities. They expect and look forward to working with the children. And they are often surprised by the amount of time and effort they will spend addressing concerns with parents and colleagues.  We will explore how teachers can support their work with the children through building a positive, collaborative relationship with the other adults in the child’s life—parents and colleagues. We will also look at how to maintain a professional balance in this aspect of the Early Childhood teacher’s work.

katherineKatherine Giglio is an Early Childhood Educator with 30 years experience teaching children and working with parents in mainstream and Waldorf programs. It was at the behest of Margaret Meyerkort and Janet Kellman that she took her first Waldorf kindergarten class 21 years ago at Camellia Waldorf School in Sacramento and since then, she has taught in Waldorf schools and programs in Colorado, Texas, and Southern California.  Currently, she teaches Nursery and Parent/Child classes at the Waldorf School of San Diego.  She has also served the WSSD school community as EC Chair, Faculty Chair, and member of various committees including; Pedagogical Group, Governance, Social Inclusion, and Building Committee.  Katherine has a BA in Psychology with a minor in Health Science and Waldorf training thru RSC and Sophia’s Hearth. She has two sons, both Waldorf students, one a graduate and the other set to graduate 2018.

Eurythmy   12:30-1:30 PM 

Johanna Mueller-Laurelin trained at Eurythmieschule Hamburg, Germany. She is currently the Eurythmy and strings teacher at the Waldorf School of San Diego and Co-Directs and teachers for WISC San Diego.


Spring Festivals || 2:45-5:15 PM

with Susan Starr, Teacher Trainer, Mentor and Workshop Presenter

A kindergarten group is like a warm beehive, where the children who have been together through the Autumn and Winter months, in Spring, are ready for something new and fresh to blossom into.

In the Afternoon Session, we will explore how to bring the season of Spring to the children in ways that meets their burgeoning needs, while still holding them in the warmth of learning through imitation. Simple examples from seasonal activities and festivals will be brought and shared to demonstrate this quality.

Participants will learn how to sew a hand puppet, and learn a way to bring this activity to older children. When finished, the ‘ gnome hand puppet’ can be moved to a simple Spring Puppet Story. All the materials, pattern and story will be provided.


Susan Starr has been a Waldorf Kindergarten Teacher for 30 years, studying Puppetry, Storytelling and Music for Young Children. One of her quests has been to bring seasonal activities to young children in a way that is age appropriate.  She is presently a Teacher Trainer, Mentor and Workshop Presenter in China, and is a Music Teacher in the LifeWays program, here in Encinitas, CA.

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