November 18, 2017 The Young Child from: Birth to Three


Kim Raymond will provide leading thoughts regarding child development from birth to three, the meaningful and purposeful work of the teacher, and creating and maintaining a healthy, beautiful environment for young children. She will focus on self-development as an aide to understanding the importance of standing before the children as a conscious model.

Kim will offer verses and songs for movement circles and appropriate stores for puppet shows for a Parent-Child class. She will give crafting ideas for one to do in the Parent-Child classes, and participants will make a felt finger puppet.

KR_photoKim Raymond has been committed to Waldorf Education for over thirty-five years. She has taught Kindergarten in three different Waldorf schools and for the past eight years has been teaching the Parent Child Classes and Nursery at Haleakala Waldorf School.

For the past 10 years Kim’s attention has been on the “Birth to 3 Yr. old” period of child development. She has studied in Budapest at the Emi Pikler Institute, at Sophia’s Hearth and has led a Lifeways training in Hawaii. She has been trained as a birth doula and has accompanied her 3 daughters during their births. She is now the fortunate grandmother of 9 grandchildren!  She is passionate about creating a welcoming environment for our youngest children and supporting the adults who care for them.

Cost: $95  || To register:  CLICK HERE

SNACK provided. SHARED meal – Please bring a dish to share or pay $10.00

  • Discounts for three or more from one school site and WISC alumni available–please inquire.
Questions:  call/text/email || Parvati Scatena || || 916.524.1828



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