Enkindling the Essence of Waldorf Early Education for Today’s Child

with Laurie Clark

November 7, 2020 8:45a-4:00p|| This event is on Zoom. Once you register we will send you a link.

Healthy development is dependent upon opportunities for movement with potent imaginations that invite the child to integrate into their body in order to feel the treasured sense of well-being. In this course, we will explore various ways to understand and support the young child’s four foundational senses with applications in the classroom setting.

Ideas to practically set up the classroom to give ample opportunities for the children to experience various ways to satisfy their sensory needs will be shared. Adventures for circle time and games will also be practiced.

Nutrition from an anthroposophical viewpoint will also be discussed with suggestions for snack in the early childhood that is truly nourishing the children in our care. Johanna Müller Laurelin will lead Eurythmy.

Laurie Clark leads a summer intensive at WISC San Diego

Laurie Clark has had the privilege of being a Waldorf early educator since 1978. She incorporates her therapeutic training into all aspects of the classroom and is in continual research through observation and constant engagement with the young child. The deep question of how to meet the child of today and exploring their needs in practical applications lies at the heart of her work. Laurie mentors teachers, is a frequent conference presenter and has co-authored two books with Nancy Blanning on therapeutic movement for young children.

Cost: $80

To register: https://tinyurl.com/ECLaurieClark

Questions, call/text/email:  

Parvati Scatena || outreachsd@waldorfteaching.org || 916.524.1828

Developmental Movement and Imaginative Circle

Journeys for the Nursery and Kindergarten Child

with Peggy Waterhouse, MA

March 28,2020 8:30 AM-1:00 PM located at The Waldorf School San Diego, Altadena Campus

A child’s entire school experience is influenced by the development of healthy early movement patterns. Our busy culture interferes with the natural flow of this development. In this workshop we will explore the fundamentals of this process, and create dynamic, imagination-rich activities to support healthy growth in our children.

Peggy Waterhouse, MA spent 20 years as an early childhood teacher and administrator at the Pine Hill Waldorf School in New Hampshire, before returning to her native California to Direct the early childhood program at the East Bay Waldorf school in 2015. We are fortunate that Peggy has moved into the San Diego area to teach kindergarten at the Sanderling Waldorf school in Carlsbad.

Cost: $65 || To register:   https://tinyurl.com/Waterhouse2020

SNACK provided.

Discounts for three or more from one school site and WISC alumni available–please inquire.

Questions, call/text/email:  

Parvati Scatena || outreachsd@waldorfteaching.org || 916.524.1828

Exploring Boundaries Through Creative Discipline

An Early Childhood workshop for parents and grandparents with Lauren Hickman

Saturday, November 19, 2016 2:30-5:15 pm || The Waldorf School of San Diego || 3547 Altadena Avenue, San Diego CA 92105

Join Lauren Hickman for a lively presentation about creative ways to work with the independent thinkers we are privileged to raise.

To Register: Registration for Early Childhood Workshop

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